It is security update time again, do you know where your Joomla site is? The project team has released Joomla version 1.5.11 and yes, you'd better update to receive maximum Joomla love and keep things safe 'n sound.

This update contains 26 bug fixes, two medium priority security fixes and one low priority security fix. All 3 security issues were related to Cross-site Scripting (XSS) and were listed as follows:

  1. Moderate Priority: Core -- com_users XSS. (more info)
  2. Moderate Priority: Core -- ja_purity XSS. (more info)
  3. Low Priority: Core -- Front-end XSS. (more info)

Now we would understand if staying on top of such updates feels a bit annoying. But do remember that these days, there is no excuse to put things off -- you can automate the process or nearly so.

What we're talking about is Joomlapack. This add-on is one of my most favorite Joomla tools ever. And to make a good thing better the project team recently started offering low cost automated update management (as well as offering free component for us manual DIYers.)

You would be surprised how fast it is to update all of your Joomla sites in just a matter of minutes. For those not into the DIY thing, we recommend a look.

Regardless of how you approach the update, do have a gander at the Post Release Notes, for any tricky issues which have arisen since the patch has been in the wild.