impress cms releases update
This one goes out to all the ImpressCMS lovers out there. The increasingly popular content management system has been updated in order to address several issues discovered with the last major release, in addition to offering a few improvements.

ImpressCMS released their open source version last March, won a third place award from Packt Publishing for Most Promising Open Source CMS, and kicked out the first big update to their core code by November. We’re glad to see that the former Xoops developers responsible for the system are still on top of their game here in 2009. Check it out:


  • User was logged out if they double-clicked on the Administration Menu link
  • CAPTCHA was being bypassed on the registration form
  • Activation key was not in the activation emails being sent to the administrator group
  • WYSIWYG editor was being used for several text areas where it was inappropriate


  • SMARTY was updated to the latest version - 2.6.22
  • Password encryption method can only be changed if the site is open and allows you to access the reset password page
  • Database factory improvement by GiJoe, providing more protection against SQL injections when Protector 3.30+ is installed


  • SimplePie RSS generator

On top of being full of bug fixes, ImpressCMS 1.1.2 Final is also an indication that the company is moving farther into only supporting stable versions of PHP5. Users are encouraged to install this release in a production environment, or upgrade their existing sites.

For a complete list of changes, read the changelog here. To upgrade or download, head on over here.