ImpressCMS Wins 2009 Most Promising Open Source CMS

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This week Packt (news, site) is announcing one new award winner a day. Already they've revealed that Plone (news, site) won 2009 Best Other Open Source CMS, and Drupal (news, site) won Best Open Source PHP CMS.

Today's category is for the 2009 Most Promising Open Source CMS. Congratulations to the winner, ImpressCMS (news, site), and runners up Pixie (news, site) and Pligg (news, site). Still to come are the Hall of Fame winner on November 12, and the Best Overall Open Source CMS on November 13. The winner of this category receives $2,000 and both runners up receive $1,000 each.

The Packt award is really more of a popularity contest than a statement of fitness for a particular purpose, but it can serve to indicate where there is growing or waning energy around various open source projects. For a analysis of the top 20 most popular open source CMS, see the free 2009 Open Source Market Share report.

Now in its fourth year, the Packt Awards offer US$ 24,000 in prizes to the projects deemed "best" in their particular open source content management class.

Learning Opportunities

Categories this year include a new Hall of Fame award alongside the usual titles of:

  • Best Overall Open Source CMS
  • Most Promising Open Source CMS
  • Best PHP Open Source CMS
  • Best Other Open Source CMS
  • Open Source MVPs

The Hall of Fame award is for previous winners of the Overall award and is an attempt to open up that category for more nominees and not just the usual suspects.