At Gilbane Boston this week, ISITE Design launched CMS Myth, a blog that seeks to "expose the myths and realities behind web content management systems and practices," according to a company release. In full, CMS Myth seeks to improve chances for building successful website projects by sharing opinions and commentary about CMS systems, various strategies and best (and hopefully worst) practices.The blog's diving right into the deep end, making its appearance known as both exhibitor and presenter at the conference. The blog represents ISITE's ambition to fill what it perceives as an "expectation gap" amongst CMS adopters. Setting an unrealistic performance bar for a newfangled product offering guaranteed to enhance "collaboration!" between "IT and admins!" or "enterprises and customers!" inevitably leads down the broken-hearted road of implementation failure -- a trend that holds true in almost 50 percent of implementation instances. Kind of like believing in Santa in your twenties. "Vendors of web content management solutions like to tout products that are feature-rich and easy to implement, but they frequently gloss over the myriad of complexities that go into a successful CMS implementation project," explained contributor Jeff Cram. Cram is also a co-founder of ISITE. He also highlighted customers' doomed belief that a newfangled content management system is a "silver bullet" for solving website and content challenges. "These organizations have a hard time understanding that a successful CMS project isn’t just about the technology; it’s really about your plan, your people, and your processes – it’s about your overall web strategy," Cram preached. Forgive us if we step into the shadows for a moment to wipe away a tear. Check out CMS Myth. Like what you see? Let us know.