The talk of Web 2.0 Content Management shows every sign of ramping quickly. Continuing the push and furthering its ongoing quest to help organize information across the enterprise and make content dually accessible to humans and machines, UK-based Jadu adds more "semantic-web" and "Web 2.0" features to its array of CMS offerings. "Delivering content is a great challenge in most organisations -- and this challenge starts with trying to organise it," says Jadu CEO Suraj Kika. "That is why, for the last year, we have been busy developing applications to make finding and publishing content a breeze." The new products include modules such as Jadu Multimedia, which enables videocasting and podcasting, to full platform products, such as XFORMS Professional -- an advanced e-forms solution. Jadu Intranet 2.0 is a social computing portal that enables enterprises to publish, blog and organize information on a shared platform within their structure. Services is an internal customer service CMS for local authorities, an interesting twist on the Jadu product line. Services lets your typical customer service research for data through an internal Google Search function and utilize scripted information on council services. This enables CSR's to efficiently pull whatever current information is necessary to help a customer at a given time and has a pretty user-friendly interface so they don't have to waste precious seconds in paralysis trying to find the right button to click. Of particular interest is Rupa, which enables controlled enterprise searches over internal networks via Google Search Appliance and Microsoft Active Directory. Rupa applies the Google search function and all its magical algorithms to an intranet-style environment. It digs into network directories, web pages and databases, making all three aspects of a typical business back-end accessible. Not a bad pipeline for a company that launched in 2001 to serve the gov. The downside is that they'll probably make it easier for your boss to locate your recently updated resume and the photos of you totally trashed at last year's x-mas party -- both of which are no doubt safely tucked away in your server. Jadu demonstrates its new product line and more at Information Management in Olympia at month's end. As VYRE will also be there to showcase their Unify v4.3 release, the Information Management show sounds like one life-changing early-adopter fest you don't want to miss.