It seems like every Web content management vendor is opening a marketplace to support their application. Web CMS provider, Jadu (newssite), is one of the latest.

Getting a Head Start with Jadu Marketplace

It's pretty simple -- there are any number of web content management systems on the market today. Differentiation is definitely possible, and many are able to set themselves apart. But in addition to pointing out what makes them different, and/or better, these WCM providers need to provide a way for users to get up and running quickly. A marketplace does just that.


Jadu Marketplace

What's Available?

The Jadu Marketplace is an app store -- of course -- for Jadu's Web CMS, XFP (advanced forms) and Rupa (enterprise search) products. You can download a number of different widgets, forms and web parts to get the features and functionality you need implemented quickly. For example:

  • DirectGov Widget Bundle: two Widgets; Directgov Content and Directgov Syndication for pulling government information into your website.
  • SharePoint Widget Bundle: four SharePoint Widgets; SharePoint Page, SharePoint Editable, SharePoint Image and SharePoint Document to pull SharePoint content into your website.
  • XFP Latest Forms: This widget informs your visitors of the newest forms available on your site with a direct line to the form.

There are also widgets for Twitter, Flickr, YouTube and more.

Says Matt Culpin, Marketing Manager:

We have had the Jadu MarketPlace in Beta with a number of our customers for some months now. We have received extremely positive feedback and we know that our customers are finding that the functionality and initial products on offer, make a huge difference to the way they manage large websites and the money that can be saved in development costs.

All widgets are available in both PHP and .NET and third party developers are invited to create and sell their widgets in the Marketplace. Check it out to learn more.