The J.Boye Conference for intranet and web professionals is only a couple of weeks away in Philadelphia. This is one of the few conferences that is all about best practices, strategies and real-world experiences -- there are no exhibitors, no marketing presentations. So pull on your best pair of jeans and join us. Here's what you can expect.

3 Days From the Brightest in the Industry

J.Boye is a three day conference, with the first day being tutorial day. Choose from eight workshops ranging from selecting your CMS to putting together a framework for social collaboration to developing actionable analytic metrics to a new approach to developing a web strategy. Dig in and learn from the likes of Phil Kemelor, Erik Hartman, Mike Ateyo, Clare Flanagan and many other experts in the industry.

But Tuesday is just the start of your information overload.

Eight Tracks to Follow

The main conference takes place Wednesday and Thursday and includes 8 tracks (4 on Wed and 4 on Thursday):



  • Digital Marketing
  • Intranet
  • Online Corporate Communication
  • Online Health

In all of these tracks, the knowledge and experience of experts around the world are being brought together, providing some great perspectives.

Some Speakers Laugh at the CIO

Okay, that subheading isn't really true, but it is the name of Bob Boiko's book, "Laughing at the CIO". Boiko is the keynote speaker at the conference this year. He also wrote "The Content Management Bible". Here is Boiko's homework assignment for the conference:

The other keynote is by Jon Udell, someone who many consider helped lay the foundation for social software in his 1999 book, "Practical Intranet Groupware". Udell currently works for Microsoft as a writer, interviewer, speaker and experimental software developer. What's his keynote focus on? Seven Ways to Think Like the Web.

Along with these two, there are a number of other great speakers/presenters including:

  • Seth Gottlieb, Content Here: Gottlieb is presenting "Grading your CMS Implementation" on Wednesday at 1pm.
  • Theresa Regli, Real Story Group: Regli is conducting the Tutorial "CMS Selection" and presenting "Managing Audio, Video & Brand Assets in a Mobile World" on Thursday at 4:15pm
  • Phil Kemelor, Semphonic: Kemelor is conducting the tutorial, "Beyond Visits and Page Views…How to Develop Actionable Web Metrics, Reports and Analysis" and presenting "The Nature Conservancy: A Coordinated Approach to Web Analytics and CMS Implementation" on Wednesday ay 11:15
  • Erik Hartman, Erik Hartman Communicates: Hartman is conducting the tutorial, "A New Web Strategy: get a good grip on all your online channels" and presenting "Looking for trouble" on Thursday at 10am

Along with notable industry consultants like those above, there are a wealth of presenters who work for organizations living and breathing this stuff.

The J. Boye Conference takes place May 3-5, 2011 in Philadelphia. Here's Janus Boye giving you a brief look at why you should attend: