Are you staring down the deep end of a potentially messy CMS migration? It's no enviable position, but yes, it happens. Your needs evolve, technology changes, vendors get acquired...something eventually inspires a change. And when this happens, it's time to resign.

We're kidding of course.

Old Ways Error Prone, Painful

Previous migration approaches include manual cut and paste, custom coding, utilizing generic CMS APIs and reverse engineering the content database. All these methods have inherent problems and tend to be time consuming and error prone.

New Ways More Automated, More Smiley

Extract, transform and load. ETL, as it's known, is by and large the job of machines. Kapow Technologies assert that their unique way of generating custom ETL robots is just the key to simplifying modern content migrations. We've seen demos and do admit to being impressed.

Nothing is perfect though -- this much we do know. So check the label, kick the tires and sample the sauce before writing the check. But if you've found yourself in the migration business then take the time to consider the ETL promises and the companies that offer them. Kapow Tech's A Definitive Guide to Automating Content Migration is a start.