Kentico Launches New Partner Portal, Revamped Partner Program
More news from Kentico (news, site). This time it’s not a new release, but a new version for its Partner Program that will give its 900 partners added support for the development of better, if not bigger, Kentico ASP.NET websites.

While announcements about extending  partner programs come a dime-a-dozen, this one is slightly different in that Kentico has divided its partners into three different levels of partners and provided a new portal where they can interact.

Basically, partners will from here on be divided into three different categories: Partner, Certified Partner and Gold Certified Partner. The portal provides support for business and web development with the services offered depending on level of partnership.

As it stands 69 of Kentico's partners have attained Gold Certification, 122 have achieved Certified, with the rest classified as partners. Presumably, the more you use Kentico products, the more likely it is you will be elevated.

The fact that 35% of the Partners are in the US indicates how well and successfully the Czech-based web content management provider has been in the US, and is only topped by the number of European partners at 39%. Interesting to see if this figure changes by this time next year.