Lexmark has entered the web content management (WCM) space.

More precisely, the company formerly known as Perceptive but now known as Lexmark Enterprise Software (LES) has entered the WCM space through a technology partnership with Jadu.

While the two companies have been working with each other for close to two years, this partnership formalizes the relationship. The result is that LES will be able to offer its customers an integrated web portal and digital web forms solution for managing their web content.

More Oomph

LES has always had a strong enterprise content management product. But the addition of WCM into the mix will give it the ‘oomph’ factor that should make Gartner analysts pay attention.

Keep in mind that LES, along with parent company Lexmark, recently bought Kofax for around $1 billion. That deal advances Lexmark’s ambitions to become the leading document management player, a space it entered in 2010 when it bought Perceptive.

We suggested last week that Lexmark might be turning into the new ECM 800 pound gorilla. But today, with the Jadu announcement, it’s a certainty.

Jadu Vice President John Euston told us WCM has been on the Lexmark radar for a while now. "They are very focused on Gartner and their position in the quadrants, and I know that adding web content management is expected to benefit for them from a scoring perspective," he said.

2015 4 15 Perceptive's portfolio.jpg

Perceptive Content Portal is based on the Jadu CMS suite. It provides secure access to content stored in Lexmark enterprise software products over the Internet, as well as the ability to capture new content to drive business processes through workflow.

"This is something that they’ve wanted to deliver for a long time. I had heard rumbles that they may have tried to go down the development path but WCM is such a different skills set and knowledge base it would be difficult to do,” Euston said. "So we were able to come along and say why build this when Jadu has demonstrated a very easy plug into the Perceptive technology."

Given the other elements that LES has in its portfolio, Jadu was in a pretty strong position. It offers Jadu Content Portal and Jadu XForms Professional, which can be bought together or separately.

Jadu has grown globally over the past two years. It established its North American and Australian businesses and this partnership will see further global distribution of the Jadu suite of WCM and online forms tools, which are popular in Higher Education and Government, Euston added.

Euston said the new solution takes both of those products and built integration out of the box that allows someone using a drag-and-drop |tool] and a dropdown interface to leverage the content that is being stored in Perceptive. It will integrate with the core ECM platform that LES already offers.

As time goes on, it will likely provide additional give customers additional integration options.

"We are getting to a point in the ECM market where implementations have become very mature and organizations are now looking to open up access to the content they have been storing inside of the ECM without having to respond to email requests and phone calls,” he said

Jadu will be launching the Content Portal at Inspire, the Lexmark enterprise software user conference in Washington, DC April 19 through 22.