Web content management has gone beyond tactical to become an integral component of an organization's business strategy.

CMSWire readers know that experience and engagement have come to the fore in our sector. As a result, an organization's content management strategy can be a key differentiator and driver of success.

At the eZ Conference and Awards in London -- kicking off this Thursday June 16 --  Gabriele Viebach, eZ System’s CEO will discuss the modern Web CMS platform characteristics and share her vision for the next generation of content-centric business.

Primary topics include:

  • Empowerment: With the focus on the experience and interactivity, web initiatives must be built on infrastructure that empowers users.
  • The Multi-channel Challenge: multi-channel delivery of content is a must have today, which strategies are most successful.
  • Agility: Web initiatives must be able to adjust quickly without loosing their return on investment.
  • Business Connectivity: Information resides in many locations and needs to be delivered to people anytime and anywhere on any device.

Gabriele believes that open source and the open source community have the power to deliver on these trends and more. The 2011 event is focused on how these challenges have been met to date and how progressive organizations are positioning for the future.

You can register for the conference to learn more about what eZ Systems is doing and how they are supporting a vibrant community.