hot banana web content management
It's been a big week for product updates, and we're not done yet. Lyris, AKA the company formerly known as J.L. Halsey, has announced the release of Hot Banana 5.7, an update to the popular and critically acclaimed web content management solution; and the thing that forms the meaty core of the company’s Lyris HQ integrated marketing platform. The guys and gals at Hot Banana have made integration the word of the day for version 5.7, dishing up what they claim is seamless interoperability with other Lyris HQ applications. The Lyris HQ set of products includes EmailLabs email marketing and ClickTracks for web analytics, among others. The integration will let marketers create rich content emails and landing pages within Hot Banana, automatically tag web pages for web tracking in ClickTracks, and distribute email campaigns through the EmailLabs application -- all in the scope of a single login environment. Furthermore, when Lyris users log in to Lyris HQ they gain access to a suite of solutions including Hot Banana, ClickTracks, Emaillabs, EmaildAdvisor, a deliverability management tool, and BidHero, a PPC campaign management application. The Hot Banana team has also freshened up the user interface which now allows for such conveniences as 100% width, in-context previewing of content, a new WYSIWYG Rich Text Editor based on the FCKeditor, search engine-friendly URLs, and a selection of matching templates for landing pages and rich emails. Hot Banana is a hot item at the moment, having recently topped the poll for Overall Ease of Use in Gilbane's Survey on Web Content Management User Experience. It also ranked in the top three for navigation, feature functions and incorporation of rich media. As a content management product aimed at web marketing users, Hot Banana could definitely be worth your time to check out. Other vendors, most recently Percussion, have also been working to tighten up integration of analytics stories for the web marketing types. Though Percussion's approach is rather different -- they've partnered with Web Trends for integrated analytics tagging and reporting. Lyris pricing is based on a per seat license that starts at US$ 199 and includes free usage of each application up to certain levels. Intrigued by the suite approach? Go deeper with Hot Banana here.