Major Ektron CMS400.NET v8 Release - Preview Leaked

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Ektron Inadvertently Leaks the Major CMS400.NET v8 Release?
Apparently, there was a little mishap with Web CMS vendor Ektron's (news, site) scheduled publishing process. Not that we're one to be calling a kettle black -- this sort of thing happens around here more than we'd like to admit.

The new v8.0 release of CMS400.NET wasn't supposed to see the light of day for about another week, yet surfaced late yesterday in its full video-and-all glory via a company microsite. In case it's no longer available when you read this, we've got a few screenshots below.

Ektron seems to be prematurely and innocently (?) reporting that version 8 of its CMS product includes such new and/or improved features as:

  • A revamped admin user interface
  • New features for activity streams and micro messaging
  • Multivariate testing capabilities
  • Better integration of analytics data in the admin workspaces
  • New calendaring and events management functionality
  • PageBuilder enhancements
  • eCommerce engine improvements

The previous version of CMS400.net was release 7.6. Version 8 looks to be a significant update and we'd say that it contains a healthy blend of client driven functionality like calendaring and strategic market-driven functionality like the obvious importance on bringing analytics tools in for the marketers.

Unfortunately, we do not yet have more detail on how the latest version differs. In the mean time, scan the screenshots below and have a quick peek at the video. We'll keep you informed as things get, er, more official.

ektron v8 lander.png

Ektron CMS400.NET V8 Landing Page

Learning Opportunities

ektron v8 2 smart desktop.png

Ektron V8 "Smart Desktop"


ektron v8 1.png

Ektron V8 Video Frame

Stay tuned here as we get more details on the version 8 release. From what we see, it does look interesting...