Marketing Management With Moderandi’s SaaS Solution

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Here come the Marketeers! Hot on the heels of last week’s launch of SDL Tridion’s (news, site) Unified Online Marketing Suite, Moderandi, an Arizona-based web applications developer, has today launched a new marketing platform called Growth Panel.

Targeting the small-to-medium (SMB) sized business market, this SaaS solution enables marketeers and consultants create plans and manage marketing projects in the cloud.

Moderandi says that this new platform fills a gap in the market that is not being properly serviced, notably for SMBs, who have neither the cash, nor the bandwidth to develop an all-inclusive marketing campaign.

Whether that is the case or not remains to be seen, but the biggies are definitely getting interested in marketing with Sitecore (news, site) and Autonomy Interwoven (news, site) also unveiling marketing solutions in the past six weeks alone.

Intelligent Marketing Platform

However, Moderandi may have an edge here as the company has never really done anything except marketing. Founded in 2004, the company says it came into being when a group of marketing and sales executives came together to develop solutions for SMB marketing problems.

Since then they have moved from being a service company to a product development company with the release of Growth Panel, described as an ‘intelligent marketing platform’, the culmination of that process.

This new SaaS solution gives users the tools and solutions to develop strategies for common marketing problems as well as an online means of managing marketing projects.

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Growth Plan Creator interface

The platform, the company says, can help clients:

  • Outline and identify possible business growth areas
  • Suggest and demonstrate possible marketing campaigns
  • Provide the tools to run those campaigns
  • Manage resources and assess results of given campaigns.

Customizable Marketing Management

Already a provider of content under license to companies both in and outside of the US with their Marketing M.O. solution, one of the features of Growth Panel is the inclusion of that material on the Growth Panel platform.

This customizable marketing management system includes:

Learning Opportunities

  • A three-step solution to marketing problems with Growth Plan providing recommendations for each step.
  • Over 30,000 possible marketing plan results and content for their implementation which can be customized by users.
  • As a SaaS solution, there is no hardware or software installation
  • Modules that enable users create entire marketing strategies from the ground up, or alternatively,
  • Task scheduling and team collaboration functions
  • Over 1400 pages of prepared content covering 29 subject areas for easy download as well as links to external resources
  • Importation of existing tools through online file cabinet

growth plan_file manager_2009.png

Growth Plan File Manager: Users can upload existing tools

Amazon Web Services Platform Hosting

And all of this is hosted on Amazon’s Web Services platform, with multiple redundancies to ensure round-the-clock availability.

This also means that as a solution it is entirely scalable by adding AMIs (Amazon Machine Instances) to its EC2 (Elastic Cloud Computing) service, all of which can be done remotely and in double-quick time.

As it stands Growth Panel is available in five different versions at the moment ranging from a preview version, to an enterprise version with white-label options for partners and distributors.

It boast an impressive array of functions, which if they actually do what thedocumentation says they do, cover most of the marketing functions known, and probably a few that are not.

Growth Plan_Task Manager_2009.png

Growth Plan Task Manager

Of course here’s a thought; if that is in fact that case, how long will it be before some wily CEO decides that the company doesn’t need a marketing department at all.

Marketing departments take note!