There's been more shaking and shifting in the Microsoft org charts this week. As we reported previously, Microsoft recently integrated the Microsoft Content Management Server and Microsoft Sharepoint Portal engineering groups. Now, as reported by CRN, we hear that the head of the server group that owns BizTalk and other e-business servers "is no longer with the group". According to CRN, sources both inside and outside the company said the group's inability to ship products on time took its toll. BizTalk 2004, with a new rules engine, is in beta now but was supposed to ship last year. In addition, the merged E-commerce/Content Management Server, or Discovery suite, the second phase of the Jupiter road map, slipped beyond 2004. Also note that the Sharepoint and MCMS groups are not part of the server group. They are part of the Office group. ...which doesn't really add up if you look at the supposed roadmap for project Jupiter, which has MCMS merging into the BizTalk product sometime in the 2005 timeframe. Keep your eyes on this ball. It sounds like it'll be a tricky one to follow. Read the original article.