We knew it was in the works, but now it is official. Microsoft has welcomed web content management provider Kentico (news, site) in the Windows Azure family of supported products.

It was back in December when Kentico first announced that it would be supporting both SharePoint 2010 and Windows Azure in its version 5.2R2. And today, Microsoft has officially recognized that yes, a single instance  Kentico Web CMS will run successfully on Azure. Good news for SMBs who are looking to leverage the lower cost of the cloud.

Note this is a single instance install, so there is no support for session state providers or web-farms. The Kentico team also indicates that due to the lack of support for file system access, you won't be able to use things like import/export, Smart search or Media libraries. And, unfortunately, set up and deployment is a manual process -- they do however offer lots of documentation on how to do it.

For those that are considering the move to Azure, the good news is you don't have to purchase a different version of the Web CMS. Whether you are deploying on premise or in the cloud, it's the same version. And the pricing remains the same as well.

Kentico 6 Will Add Additional Azure Support

Hard at work on version 6, Kentico has indicated they are working towards additional Azure feature support and ironing out the issues they have with multi-instance deployments.

This includes solving the file-system access issue and an automated deployment feature:


Racing for the Cloud

Any Microsoft-based web content management system should be working towards Azure support. Sitecore announced their support in July of last year. Composite C1, a relative newcomer to the open source Web CMS market is also Azure ready.

And it looks like DotNetNuke is digging in to see what it will take for their open source .NET-based platform to run on the Microsoft cloud.

Of course it won't just be Microsoft-based apps that can run on Azure, but that's a story for another day.