The Next Generation Web CMS, Has Modera Got Answers?
With the IMS 2009 conference coming up very soon, we have news that UK based content management provider Modera will be not just exhibiting, but will be speaking.

CMSWire talked with Modera's CEO Siim Vips in July, looking for their secret sauce for what they called work on the "next generation web cms". Hard at work on ModeraNet2, their next generation platform, Vips talked about things like syndication and communication enhancements, and tight integration with business processes.

On December 3 at 2pm GMT+1, Vips will present "Past, current and future content management technologies". Along with talking about Modera's experiences, Vips will talk about what was/wasn't successful in the industry and where the marketplace is headed for 2010 and beyond.

Other presenters on Web Content Management include:

You can get more information on the conference and full speaker list on the IMS 2009 website