Modera Web CMS
Modera, an up and coming European Web CMS provider, has announced their latest core product release and the availability of a new Pro version of their CMS. The heavy focus is usability via AJAX with a touch of SEO for good measure. A newcomer to CMSWire, Modera is based in Estonia where it was founded in 2000 as a software company focused solely on content management solutions. Like their Estonian brethren Skype, Modera has grown quickly in the seven years since the company was founded. They now claim to operate in a number countries including the UK, Spain, Hong Kong and the United States. With this updated version of their content management platform, Modera is promising an increase in interactivity, speed and usability due to extensive use of AJAX technologies. AJAX (Asynchronous Javascript And XML) has gone from a niche technology questioned for usefulness to a de facto UI architecture for modern Web Content Management Systems. By increasing the extent that AJAX is leveraged throughout the 4.5 version of Modera's CMS, Modera has effectively brought their platform in line with the other major players in the content management market. On top of the increased integration of AJAX, Modera promises the following improvements:
  • Compatibility with PHP5, including better support for MySQL, integrated SOAP support, and comprehensive support for object-oriented programming
  • Modera now supports the standard. The new sitemap script generates compliant XML files for easy crawling by all the major search engines, such as Google, Yahoo and MSN. This tool allows the search engines to more intelligently crawl through a customer's site, thus improving the website’s search engine ranking.
  • AJAX-based content structure tree control. The old static folder/page structure tree has been completely redesigned using AJAX. The result is a dynamic drag-n-drop menu system that’s every bit as responsive as the Windows Explorer. Administrators and editors can now manage pages and subpages in the Modera content management system with one-click simplicity.
  • Publishing and expiration dates for pages. Sites that offer time-sensitive and seasonal information can now set publishing and expiration dates for all pages.
  • Reusable Page Templates. This is a wonderful tool for creating an extensive series of very similar pages that each have small but critical differences.
  • Dashboard permissions modified. Now all logged-in users have access to a dashboard to review recent changes, allowing everyone on the editorial staff to stay up-to-speed on the latest page iterations, even if they don’t have write permission.
Along with these features -- present in the Standard Edition -- Modera is introducing a Professional Edition (Pro) of their platform, which includes clustering support and enterprise-level workflow functionality. Siim Vips, CEO at Modera, sums up the new release stating, "The latest Modera Platform version 4.5 and Pro is fully customizable for large or small businesses, Modera's CMS' are usability compliant and as such are organically search friendly which enables website owners to build a solid platform to drive their online marketing campaigns." In the already crowded Web Content Management space, Modera hopes to differentiate themselves by offering powerful features, a UI that boasts simplicity and a sticker price that most will find friendly. We're looking forward to seeing the new version in action and digging further into what Modera considers Professional.