The Web is built on hyperlinks, and broken linkages can lead to anything from frustrated readers to search engine penalties. OmniUpdate's (news, site) latest 9.9 release improves on the Web CMS by adding a Dependency Manager for improved link handling, even with items being removed from or moved around the system.

Fixing Bad, Broken or Dead Links

OU Campus' new Dependency Manager adds smart link-checking, which ensures that hyperlinks link to the proper page or asset, even when these are moved or removed. The Dependency Manager can either automatically fix the hyperlink or prompt the user for action if this cannot be done without user intervention.

Dependency Tag

OmniUpdate president and CEO Lance Merker highlights the convenience that the new Dependency Manager provides.

The Dependency Manager makes internal link checking unnecessary for both site contributors and administrators. Using the same technology OU Campus uses to track content assets, the Dependency Manager works seamlessly without any changes to the user interface.

Dependency Manager gets to work in these scenarios.

  • Item moved to a new location -- If a user moves a page or item to a new location within OU Campus, the Dependency Manager will automatically update the URL in associated pages. These are updated on the live server in real time.
  • Item deleted -- If an item were removed from its original location, Dependency Manager will prompt the user for action with a Fix Dependencies notification. The user can then either point these to a new location or remove the hyperlinks altogether. This works seamlessly with the OU Campus web CMS, and will not require any changes to the UI.

Activating Dependency Manager

Dependency Manager is actually an optional function from within OU Campus, although users who will need the feature can request Support for activation. Once activated, Dependency Manager will first do a scan of each site, in order for the system to incorporate the dependency tags on each page where the a or link tags are found. Dependency Manager works on relevant assets and pages, which includes editable PDFs and all other items that can be edited from within OU Campus.

OmniUpdate recommends that the Dependency Manager be activated or updated during downtime (weekends or evenings), to minimize performance losses due to scanning and tagging.