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Phase2, an open source technology solutions provider with a focus on publishing, government, public policy and non-profit clients announced that the company has merged with Treehouse Agency, a company that builds large-scale websites on the open source Drupal CMS.

Joining Forces

"The deal, completed on March 14, 2012, brings together Phase2's expertise in the development and customization of Drupal-based platforms and distributions for enterprise-level government and publishing clients with Treehouse Agency’s depth of experience in Drupal development," the announcement says. Both companies have booths at DrupalCon Denver this week.

Jeff Walpole, CEO of Phase2, says that his company has experienced strong growth over the past two years. "Treehouse Agency is a natural fit for our continued focus on Drupal services in key markets,” he says. Phase2 has been actively working with government technologist to help increase the adoption of open source technologies by federal agencies.

Next Phase for Treehouse

Founded eight years ago, Treehouse Agency currently has 15 employees. The company's portfolio includes sites such as Zagat, Engergy.gov and CBS Digital Media.

Learning Opportunities

Michael Caccavano, CEO and founder of Treehouse Agency, writes about the merger in a blog post. "In recent years we have found ourselves working in friendly competition with each other, developing parallel reputations and complementary skillsets," he says. "Treehouse and Phase2 are a very natural fit for each other in terms of our skills, values, culture and client verticals."

He says that over the coming weeks, the companies will be integrating their operations. The combined company will be called Phase2 Technology. "I will join Phase2 as President, overseeing financial and human capital, including talent and culture development," he explains. Jeff Walpole will remain CEO of Phase2, and the company will maintain headquarters in the Washington, DC area.