Prinova has launched a new Web CMS tool aimed at marketers, designed to enable better management of multi-channel marketing campaigns. messagepoint is a web-based solution which sells itself big on multi-channel management, but also aims to streamline campaign development and delivery, while hosting a range of tools specifically tailored to campaign planning, targeting, delivery, and tracking for the Marketing industry. messagepoint enables users to: * Create, manage and deliver messages accurately into multiple customer touchpoints * View the status of a campaign in real time * Write, refine, and approve content quickly and reduce lead times * Preview exactly how messages will look in each touchpoint before they become active * Track customer analytics on message delivery and response * Achieve personalization by basing consistent, precisely targeted messages on tracked behaviour, not on predictive or arbitrary algorithms * Eliminate the need for multiple systems of record for managing and delivering messaging content, allowing legacy systems and ad hoc processes to be retired In case your Madison-speak is as rusty as ours, "Touchpoints" apparently refer to the various channels through which you wish to connect with the customer: email, direct mail, call centre scripts, SMS and so forth. No, we didn't really want to know that either. So many developers of business-oriented, niche CMS solutions gloss over technical specifications, for fear of losing customer interest through too much geek-speak, and so it is with Prinova. Details on messagepoint's back-end specs are thin on the ground at the moment, but the product seems friendly enough, running on Windows or Linux. System integration details are similarly sketchy - but Prinova claims that the product "...is designed to connect easily to your existing systems." Whatever that means. It's hard to make a fair call on messagepoint. But if you're in Marketing and you're wondering just what a Content Management System is, rest assured that you want one like 1992 Jordan # 9's. So get on the bucket and pail to Prinova to see whether or not messagepoint's got what you need.