In the run up to the worldwide SharePoint conference in Las Vegas later this month, it is inevitable that there will be a number new developments announced before the curtain finally lifts on October 19th.

One such development is the announcement by enterprise content management vendor pTools (newssite)  that they have extended its Web CMS product to be used directly in the SharePoint (news, site) interface and framework.

pTools and Equilibrium

pTools for SharePoint makes the rich content management feature set of pTools available in standard SharePoint WSS and SharePoint Server deployments. The result, the company says, is enterprise level out-of the-box features that are flexible and easily deployed.

This is not the first time that Irish-based pTools hass, an enterprise content management vendor added enhancements to its Enterprise CMS software for Microsoft SharePoint.

Last year it integrated with Equilibrium’s digital asset management software -- MediaRich DAM for SharePoint -- allowing users to deploy pTools Enterprise CMS to manage image and video assets, enhancing SharePoint deployments across the enterprise.

Embedded WCM

By embedding the web content management software in SharePoint, pTools enables users to use the pTools application programming interface and development tools to deliver intranets, extranets and internet sites.

pTools SharePoint features include:

  • Web 2.0 capabilities 
  • pTools 'Content Element Model'
  • Content security marking
  • SEO Optimization
  • Multi-site content syndication
  • Advanced workflow and content compliance

The multi-site architecture also allows re-use of content across multiple site locations from a single repository, while at the same time keeping workflow and compliance rules needed enterprise level initiatives.

Extending Functionality

pTools SharePoint also enables organizations to extend core CMS functionality and enhance SharePoint deployment all within a single application interface.

Extended functions include:

  • Delivery of content to SharePoint as web parts
  • Easy-to-deploy WCM functions from metadata to WYSIWYG to workflows
  • Integration of pTools forms for online/offline signature with SharePoint document management
  • Development of SharePoint/pTools workflows with Windows Workflow foundation.
  • Secure web content in fully compliant environment

With the October conference nearly upon us, there is bound to be many companies that are asking what is SharePoint 2010 is going to bring with it.

Earlier in the summer, consultant firm SharePoint360 indicated that they see Microsoft continuing its trend of less focus on IT and more on business. They say the focus is shifting to the business user and their problems.

So its going to be more about business collaboration, which is good for pTools and their timely SharePoint WCM.