SDL Tridion integrates with ADAM for marketing solution
Last month, when ADAM software (news, site) released its v4.4 of its enterprise Digital Assets Management(DAM) platform it had its eye on a bigger piece of the content management pie.

With the announcement today that its newest release is to be integrated with SDL Tridion’s (news, site) Web Content Management System, it appears to have done what it set out to do.

Advanced Asset Management

The new partnership is targeting enterprises struggling to manage advanced media assets for their global Web sites and in doing so improve companies’ global branding.

SDL Tridion’s Web Content Management System, apart from usual Web CMS functionality, gives users brand management, targeted communication, multi-channel delivery and visitor interaction capabilities.

ADAM brings a complete media life-cycle management solution including video, audio and text files management.

The overall result is a solution that aims to provide brand consistency across all marketing channels in large, multi-site enterprises.

ADAM Built On .NET

ADAM is an open platform built on Microsoft .NET that integrates with both PC and Apple and manages media flows like brand management to product data management.

When v4.4 was unveiled in March, it incorporated a number of new features onto its existing platform. These included:

  • Classification Mappings: Archive and catalog records automatically and using a single enterprise wide classification system based on industry.
  • Rich metadata storage: Support formatted text as wells as HTML tags allowing users to edit rich content without being HTML-savvy.
  • Enhanced search ability: Increases the ability to search, load images and retrieve records by 300%.
  • Maintenance Log interface: Improved for easier and more efficient trouble shooting with a centralized overview of maintenance history.

The version also introduced ADAM Data Source Controls for ASP.NET that allowed developers to use standard ASP.NET, or even third party web controls, facilitating integration with Tridion.

R5.3 New Features

SDL tridion’s R5 solution was introduced last year and with the R5.3 version a number of features will enhance user’s ability to manage content and integrate systems like ADAM v4.4.

Developed to improve templating abilities in the systems, as well as collaborative process, they include:

  • New tools: Allow users to monitor the life-cycle of corporate communications.
  • Content records: Give users a snapshot of the progress of different assets through its lifecycle.
  • Platform support: Includes UNIX support and content delivery on both UNIX and Java platforms.
  • Modular templating: Faster time-to-market for websites built on R5.3 as well as greater flexibility in managing website design and coding.


Overall, the integrated solution offers advanced DAM capabilities combined with enhanced workflow processes with a powerful rules engine and security management.

If marketing means money and successful marketing in large scale enterprises depends on successful asset and content management then this solution might put a lot of extra money back in your pocket.

Learn more about this new strategic alliance and how it can work for you.