Infinishare Technologies has just announced the release of Purplenova. Purplenova version 2.0 is a Freeware web server that allows users to web-host content from any PC with any Internet connection. The server even works from behind NAT routers, proxy servers, or dynamic IP's. By keeping your files, photos, and music easily web-accessible, Purplenova provides a simple and quick alternative to using an outside hosting service. With this new release, users are really in the drivers' seat, with plenty of new options. You can choose if your hosted content is for public or private viewing, and even password-protect it. It easily supports Perl/PHP/CGI and static content of any type, and is now searchable. Purplenova was originally launched in late 2006 with an eye towards security. To keep content safe from prying eyes, Purplenova takes the extra step of making users identify exactly which files they want to host, and then a specific URL is assigned for each. Readers can then access the hosted resource from the Internet by just entering the URL. Dr. Anand Soman, the CEO of Infinishare, said that this product serves its market well because now users can host content directly and easily where it first resides. Making it even more user-friendly for Purplenova content readers, it can even be accessed from mobile devices as well. The product is available as a free download right here.