The popular Sitecore ASP.NET Web CMS gets a feature boost with enterprise search and search analytics from Mondosoft. Web users will enjoy comprehensive search features, customized to the Sitecore look-and-feel. And, web administrators can now access reports on-demand, based on what visitors searched for and found, and -- sometimes more importantly -- what they did not find. A win-win for users and the geeks that serve them.For administrators and business users, MondoSoft search controls and search analytics information may be accessed directly from the admin interface of Sitecore. The MondoSearch integration will provide: * Detailed information about what visitors have searched for and found * Customized Search & Result page in Sitecore * Filter and return secure search results * Configure MondoSearch from within Sitecore * Behavior Tracking Top Lists as portlets for SC52 * Behavior Tracking Search Terms details in Sitecore * Behavior Tracking details on document items in Sitecore Prior to this integration, Sitecore offered a “standard” search capability. For a comparison of standard Sitecore search vs. MondoSearch for Sitecore, you may download a PDF feature matrix at: For more information about the integration of MondoSearch into Sitecore, see: Mondosoft also provides search integrations for EpiServer, Microsoft CMS, and SharePoint.