Sitecore Releases Intranet Portal 3.0
It may not be the sexy end of the content management spectrum, but Sitecore, which has just released v3.0 of its intranet portal, doesn’t really seem to care.

For anyone that has tried to deploy an intranet in a very large company, they will know the problems.

OK so you don’t have to deal with a very fickle public the way you would with an external website, but in large companies you have to walk a fine line between all the different interests and warring departments.

It is probably for that reason that Sitecore’s Intranet Portal 3.0, which is built on Sitecore’s Web CMS platform, comes with so many out-of the-box features that contain something for everyone.

Pre-built features include blogs, wikis, forums, search and workflow features as well as the normal run-of-the-mill features like calendars and scheduling. It also offers inline editing for content authors to enable direct editing on web pages from an interface consistent with Microsoft Office applications.

So who cares, you ask? Well, even if you don’t, maybe you really should. Think for, example, compliance, disaster recovery, rules and regulations and team building and you get an idea of the tack Sitecore is on with this release.

With this version companies can manage these processes with structured content publishing that can be adapted to any enterprise.

This is just the latest addition to the Sitecore stable. Only last week it announced the release of its multisite management tool Foundry 3.0, which also comes with upgraded inline editing.

Wonder what they’ll be at next week!