Sitecore Web Content Management System 6.0
They won the Web Idol Award at Jboye08 Competition, but that's not where the good news stops for Sitecore. The Web CMS just received a top review from the Butler Group for it's extensive functionality and Web 2.0 capabilities.

Good Revenues and a Web Idol Award

Hot of on the heels of announcing a very good year, Sitecore headed off to the Jboye08 conference for some social networking. While there they participated in the Web Idol competition against the likes of ezPublish, who took home the massive trophy the last two years in a row -- and won!Winning the Web Idol Award at the Jboye08 conference must have felt pretty good to Sitecore, even if it was wasn't a particularly serious competition.

The Butler Group - A More Serious Acknowledgment

Now, Sitecore has received a strong nod from the Butler Group analyst firm in their recently released Technology Report audit. The Web CMS was noted as deserving a more in depth review from mid-sized companies in need of a content management solution.What did Butler Group like about the Sitecore Web CMS? Specific features mentioned included:* Web 2.0 capabilities: blogs, wikis, tools for RSS syndication and ‘email a friend’.* Personalization: Sitecore's dynamic personalized content deliverySitecore's Foundry and Intranet Portal solutions were also recognized by Butler for their usability. Sue Clarke, senior research analyst and author of the report commented, “Butler Group regards Sitecore CMS to be a well-rounded product with many capabilities that enable organizations to create and manage Web sites, and the addition of Foundry provides the ability to centrally manage and support multiple distributed Web sites in order to maintain global branding, whilst allowing localized content to be published.”Have a look at our review of their latest version: Sitecore 6.