Softeng Portal Builder is a SaaS solution that will help you build portal and web projects for your enterprise, hosting them within the Microsoft Azure cloud.

Softeng Portal Builder CMS comes from the Spanish company of the same name. It is a web platform used for developing web-based business applications, but also includes web content management and portal capabilities.

Some of the functionality available within Softeng Portal Builder:

  • It's multi-lingual -- Softeng's website uses the automated translation capabilities of the portal builder (note that the translation is not perfect)
  • SEO optimization, integrated Google Analytics
  • Workflow
  • Heat map that analyzes visitor behaviour
  • Inline editing of content
  • Integration with other solutions

There are also a number of optional modules including eCommerce, Personalized content delivery, document management that is integrated with MS Office and -- of course -- a SharePoint connector.

Certified by Microsoft

Softeng is certified as a "Microsoft Hosted Solution". This means it can be hosted on Windows Azure, Microsoft's cloud platform.


Softeng Portal Builder

Softeng Licensing Models

Softeng Portal Builder has several subscription editions: Express, Premium, and Enterprise. The details on the differences between the three editions are not completely clear on the website, but you know they build on capabilities as they move along.

If you want to learn more about this solution, you may have to brush up on your Spanish skills. There is a good video overview, but it is in Spanish.