SubHub Offers Rescue Package for vTribes Clients

It's always nice to see one vendor offer rescue support to the clients of another vendor who is closing their doors. In this case, SubHub, a provider of membership website content management services is offering to help clients of vTribes (also known as VisionGate) for a nominal fee - and the chance to gain to new clients.

vTribes was an open source content management solution that enabled customer to build community-based websites. Anyone who subscribed to their service probably didn't like seeing this when they tried to get onto the vTribes website:



No, we're sure there were some unhappy clients left wondering what they were going to do. Apparently vTribes unexpectedly announced they were closing their doors, giving their current customers until the end of January to download the vTribes source code of their websites. That's it, no more vTribes, no more support.

SubHub Offers Rescue Package

To the rescue has come SubHub, a provider of membership-based web content management services. According to their website they are offering former vTribes users a 50% discount from their normal monthly fee. To make it sound even better, that price will not change for the life of their contract.

SubHub is a managed service that enables companies to have their non-technical folks build websites that are based on subscriptions or memberships (similar to Caribou CMS).

Former vTribes customers can transfer their websites to the SubHub platform and pay only US$ 49 per month - a 50% discount on the normal SubHub fee.

Miles Galliford, co-founder of SubHub said “This is a very worrying time for people who are hosting their websites with vTribes. Such a huge amount of time and effort goes into launching and growing a website. To be given just 30 days to find an alternative service is a cruel blow. With our vTribes Rescue Package, we hope that we can help make this transition as painless as possible.”

You can find out more about this rescue package on the SubHub website while enjoying their new redesign.