Synkron Web CMS
In another move that illustrates the dynamicism of the EU CMS market, Danish Web CMS vendor Synkron has announced version 2.0 of its Via Web CMS, and less than 6 months after releasing version 1.0.New features in this release include: * A Search feature capable of indexing web site content, Word, PDF and Excel files * "Friendly" addresses on pages (a.k.a page aliases) * Network Folders can connect the server to folders with files that are not located on the web-server * Versioning and Work flow Management * "Smart Lists" that automatically generate lists of content within a specific category, or by period of time or author According to Synkron, customer feedback has driven them to lighten the management UI, improved select features and add new modules. As expected, they have also addressed a number of bugs and they boast significant expansion of the product documentation. Synkron's roadmap includes tighter "Integration with Office 2007," so if Synkron moves as fast on the next release, they should have relevant MOSS and IE 7 updates out, fairly in-sync with the MS wave of releases. They also plan to add in-context editing, a feature most users have been clammering for. Via uses well-known technologies such as Microsoft .NET 2.0 and open standards such as XML, XSLT and web services for development. The company also markets "Synkron Web," focused on publishing content on the Internet. To learn more, download a copy of the v2.0 Release Notes (PDF). For additional info, one can review the product roadmap, conveniently available to the public in both an English version (PDF) and a Danish version (PDF). How European!