It has been a while since we came across a first-in-class content management system. However, intellectual property (IP) consulting giant Taeus International says it has just launched just that with its SaaS web content management system IPortalware.

Designed specifically for universities, government research agencies or research-orientated corporations, TAEUS says their new CMS puts intellectual property developers in touch with potential licensees by managing IP websites in the cloud.



IPortalware 2010 dash board

And while it is often the case that with original IP many companies are limited to marketing it locally, TAEUS says that in January they will be integrating with the Global Patent Syndicate (GPS) so that IP will be syndicated worldwide automatically.

Maximizing IP Value

Based in Colorado Springs, TAEUS has been in the IP business for the past 18 years and has developed a small number of IP software products, the latest being IPortalware. As well as marketing IP for their clients, they also reverse engineer just about anything so as to identify any IP infringements.

Taeus_global traffic.jpg

IPortalware;marketing intellectual property internationally

With IPortalware, it is the first time they have ventured into the content management business and have done so with the aim of maximizing licensing revenue for their client companies.

The advantages are obvious; in the cloud they can match intellectual property with companies that are looking specifically for that property to create or expand potential or existing businesses.


IPortalware: Tying IPand patents to a given portfolio

“IPortalware is integrated with the Global Patent Syndicate (GPS), so IPortalware customers can manage market offers on their local site, but also syndicate them globally. The GPS will have the effect of unifying a single market for IP,” Art Nutter, Founder and CEO of TAEUS said.

IPortalware CMS

IPortalware is a multi-feature, enterprise-grade SaaS content management system that comes with dozens of features designed to place IP providers and licenses together.

Built from the ground up, IPortalware takes care of all the hosting as well as any IT support needed to maximize the reach of a company’s IP leaving the companies to concentrate on their products.

Each site, TAEUS says, is designed specifically for the client institution or company with the result that the front end of IPortalware takes on the exact look and ‘feel’ of the client’s website with the IPortalware backend feeding into it.

taeux_patent management.jpg

IPortalware: Managing patents

It would be impossible to list all the features that are available with IPortalware, but let’s take a look at some of them.

Front-End Features

Amongst the features at the front end are:

  • Automatic display of IP giving users the ability to highlight and promote any IP by clicking on it. In doing so a dynamic widget for that IP will automatically appear on your home page.
  • Dynamic linking which ties patents to portfolios with just one click. The front end automatically links the two assets together via dynamic linking
  • Automatic update of site generated leads with administrators blind carbon copied (BCC'd) on all communication sent through a user’s website.
  • Integration of local site search with company’s parent site using Google Site Search. As a result IP can be found through parent site as well as local site.

Administration Features

At the administrative level it contains many of the standard features available with other web content management systems.

IPortalware contains, for example, extensive tracking and reporting tools as well as easy content editing, image use and easy-to-use forms, and the ability to Modify, add, edit or delete an unlimited number of pages on a users’ website.

Other features at this level include:

  • An in-built WYSIWYG editor that edits entire web pages, format text, upload images or add links.
  • Redevelop and redesign entire web pages using the advanced HTML editor that also enables users insert entire pages at a go.
  • Upload IP from outside the system with fields mapping in IPortalware.
  • Unlimited access for unlimited number of users as defined by system administrators.
  • In-built upload hundreds of patents at once.

Pricing starts at the upper end for companies with 500 or more patents from US$ 20,000 for full customization of application front end matching the look and feel and workflow of client website including all standard features with annual hosting charges at this level of US$ 5000.

At the lower end of the scale for universities and government agencies the same deal will cost US$10,000 and US $ 2500 annual hosting charge.