The Open Innovation Demo Cup Competition Is Calling For Your Project

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The Open World Forum (news, site), a conference around the technological, financial and social impact of open technologies, has announced that they're looking for competitors for their Demo Cup competition.

Who's Eligible?

The Demo Cupfocuses on "Open Source projects and solutions getting ready for commercial launch or already on the market." It's important to note that this competition ultimately boils down to live product demonstrations, so if you're still in the concept stages then you may be better off waiting until next year.

How Do You Enter?

All Demo Cup applications must include:

  • An Executive Summary, or short version of your business plan no longer than 5 pages
  • Your project or product's logo
  • An overview of what your application does
  • A half page writeup of how you intend to demonstrate your product or project to the judges

An additional screencast or video demonstration is also recommended, if possible, but is not required. The deadline for applications is July 15, 2010.

What's Next?

The judges will review all applications and select 12 finalists by July 31, 2010. Beginning on September 1, 2010, they'll start announcing who they've chosen. All 12 finalists will then come to the Open World Forum on October 1, 2010, to do an 8 minute live demonstration of their project to 150+ people and a live online broadcast on the web.

Learning Opportunities

Finalists will receive "Personal Presentation Coaching, Technical Expertise and Product Rehearsals, and PR Training" the days before the finals, to help everyone be at their best.

As the Open World Form's site states:

The Open Innovation Demo Cup is about products; it requires timed, live demonstrations; and does not allow slide presentations! In recognition of the difficulty of communicating the power and value of Open Source projects on stage in a short 8 minutes, the Demo Cup will honor outstanding presentations. Chosen for their style, passion, clarity, and sometimes for their sheer fun, these Open Innovation Awards reward a unique ability to deliver a great product and position it in the market, to show off its most compelling features, to differentiate it from other products — and along the way to entertain a tough and critical Open World Forum audience.

The top presentations will receive the Open World Forum's Open Innovation Award. Last year's winners included Business Process Management (BPM) vendor BonitaSoft (news, site) and open source video platform vendor Kaltura (news, site).