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Recently acquired Tridion, the self-proclaimed global leader in web content management (WCM) software solutions, is making available a new web archiving tool designed to help customers better manage their web content lifecycle.This new product, creatively named Archive Manager, is targeted at organizations that have specific requirements in the areas of regulatory compliance, liability, and quality control. The solution stores and retrieves both static and dynamic web site content along with web pages that have been personalized according to specific visitor profiles. Tridion is positioning Archive Manager to meet the highly dynamic and personalized content needs of the new Web 2.0 landscape. In this brave new web world, content can change based on who, when, and where the content is being viewed. A new breed of archive management tool is required to meet this challenge and help organizations stay compliant and competitive. Regardless of the number of pages or the frequency with which they change, customers using Archive Manager can easily configure the product to capture all the content accurately and in its original form. More features of Archive Manager include: * Archival of web content (including and jsp pages), images, MP3, Flash files, and office documents * Retrieval of and access to previously published websites that have been preserved with their original content and layout * Generation of a detailed audit trail that records the specific date and time that content went on and off line * Browsing of archives as actual websites with navigation using original URLs One can almost hear the seasoned IT administrators wonder aloud how they will possibly deploy another third party tool to the myriad clients across their respective enterprises. Tridion takes care of this by having Archive Manager run completely within Internet Explorer. While Firefox support is hopefully on the list of future improvements, the ability to run on every Windows machine across the network with no client-side configuration is music to the ears of the IT support staff. If your organization is in the market for an archival solution, but the deployment of yet another tool could result in an IT staff mutiny, take a look at Tridion.