Our like minded chums at Packt publishing have put out another very practical Content Management book. This one is entitled "TYPO3 Enterprise Content Management". Its a cross between a tech book and a parable that in the end serves a number of audiences well and manifests a dream longstanding in the TYPO3 community.The book, very much like the CMS itself, has many facets and targets a few different audiences -- Administrators, Editors, and Developers. The authors, Webern Altman, Rene Fritz, and Danial Hinderink, are well-qualified as active members of the TYPO3 community, playing various roles in both documentation and development for the core effort. The book covers the bases with introductions and history around the original developer (Kasper Skårhøj), the CMS itself, the TYPO3 association, the TYPO3 developer community, and of course the TYPO3 annual snowboarding trip. Despite the breadth, this is a technical manual, with more than 400 of the approximately 600 pages devoted solely to TypoScript and developing TYPO3 Extensions. The book is good. Its a practical manual with a lot of example code. It will make an excellent reference for TYPO3 developers and consultants. The work was originally written in German, then translated and edited for English. This is, well, not exactly hard to spot. There's some creative and unusual sentence structure, the odd bit of novel vocabulary, and some downright good laughs on occasion. Nevertheless, if you know this going in, its not a big issue and I even found that it reflects a bit, the the authentic and very international nature of the TYPO3 community. Those used to succinct O'Reilly style materials may find the prose a touch windy, but once you have a feel for the tempo, the material flows and is easily digestible. From chapter 4 (TYPO3 for Administrators) onwards, the book is all business, with loads of configuration examples, interface screen shots, and developer code examples. I'm no TYPO3 expert, so I can't comment on the accuracy of the text, but the information flow is very logical and each section sets up the subject context in a thoughtful and consumable manner. Overall this book will no doubt prove itself indispensable for those in the field, and as a notable milestone for the TYPO3 dev community, will surely put even more wind into the sails of the collaboration. We congratulate the authors on commendable piece of work and as always are thankful for the efforts of Packt Publishing for keeping us all well-informed and well-armed with solid CMS resources. Books: * TYPO3 Enterprise Content Management * All Packt CMS books Note: Packt Publishing is donating a percentage of the proceeds from this book to the TYPO3 Association.