Unsuprisingly, MODx Wins Most Promising Open Source CMS

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modx web content management
On the homepage of MODx, amongst an unusual but welcome absence of pseudo-corporate gibberish, lies a strange adducement. The system is, we are told, "100% buzzword compliant". I can think of better ways I would like my product to be regarded, but now the organization has a genuinely impressive claim for their product: they have just won Packt Publishing's "Most Promising Open Source CMS" award, beating off strong competition from Typolight and dotCMS, amongst others, to secure the title.If open source truly is the future, and these guys are the future of open source, then the news will make a lot of Web CMS industry people sit up and take notice.Packt Publishing is a Brit publishing house who specialize in publications from and for IT professionals. Nominees were decided by a straight online vote, and a combination of a judging panel and visitors to Packts' home page then decided on which product was the best of the finalists. The panel for 'Most Promising' this year included Scott Goodwin of the Open Source Collective and Lenz Grimmer of MySQL.MODx is written in PHP and utilizes a MySQL backend, and is better regarded as a Content Management framework; a system which both enables the building of Web apps and serves as a comprehensive CMS.Features of the [deep breath] MODx Ajax CMS and PHP Application Framework include:* Works with Apache or IIS* Strong Web standards - build and use what you want, how you want.* Web 2.0 Features - Ajax, and plenty of it. MODx offers an API that supports Ajax.* PHP Application framework * Works in IE, Safari, and Firefox* Graphical installer, and step-by-step online installation* CSS menu builder* Meta-tag and keywords controls... SEO tools to beat the band* Custom content types: manges linked style sheets, images and javascript. Transforms same into XML, PDF, .doc etc. etc.Now that sounds like a pretty comprehensive package. And there's more, if you care to visit MODx's features page.MODx co-founder, Ryan Thrash, was delighted to pick up the prestigious gong:“Winning the Award for the Most Promising Open Source CMS is a tremendous honor for MODx. For the team, it validates the past two years of hard work. The people that really deserve the credit though is our community, the heart and soul of MODx. We're lucky to have such a wonderful and growing base of users of all experience levels.”Are these guys going to change the face of the earth as we know it? We don't know, but we aim to find out. We hope to be speaking to the top dogs behind MODx very soon, so watch this space.