Vignette V7 is a suite that lets you tackle content management, build portals, integrate content and enterprise applications, improve process management, perform analysis and reporting or all of the above. Portal capabilities were beefed up by the late 2002 acquisition of Epicentric. More recently, Vignette acquired Intraspect, adding collaboration under the broad umbrella of what the company calls Enterprise Web Solutions. V7 provides a rich trove of technologies for demanding high volume, high traffic, multi-channel Web environments facing customers, employees and/or suppliers. Addressing content, the V7 Command Center provides a unified interface for life-cycle management, and an open API gives you control through your own applications and interfaces. Search, classification and taxonomy management tools are all built in, as are rich workflow, dynamic delivery and reporting features. Performance is ensured with page and content caching as well as load balancing on the underlying application server. An optional integration studio includes more than 50 adapters to enterprise applications and third-party content and document management systems. Few can match the breadth or depth of V7's capabilities, and Vignette has taken huge strides to ease and speed deployment of Web sites and portals. Read.