Vignette, the firm responsible for refining Web Content Management for some of the world’s largest organizations, has announced the availability of the Vignette Digital Services Hub, a new technology aimed to tame the management and distribution of rich multimedia.Through a single unified framework, the Digital Service Hub allows organizations to manage and deliver rich content to any web-enabled device. Additionally, the hub tracks metrics on how content is delivered to an audience and if it achieves the intended impact. The Texas-based company touts the Digital Services Hub as a technology born from existing industry relationships that provide a “single, flexible application for collecting, managing, approving and delivering electronic assets and rich media to customers based on preferences, demographics and demonstrated interests.” In a marquee relationship Vignette and British Sky Broadcasting recently partnered to deliver a fully integrated online entertainment experience to customers. Customers can access eSales and eServicing through any online platform, a range of infotainment content services through Web and mobile channels, and community services for broadband customers. With Vignette, Sky also has unveiled cross-channel business services that allow customers to access the electronic programming guide from any Internet-enabled device and schedule and record programming to watch at a later date. “As the demand for digital content expands the need for solutions like the Vignette Digital Services Hub will become increasingly critical," said Yankee Group senior analyst Sharon Ballard. “Communications and media companies must have the necessary infrastructure in place to effectively manage all types and formats of content to take advantage of this market opportunity and provide their customers a positive user experience when purchasing and viewing content.” Ballard foresees worldwide sales of content in the wireless industry nearly doubling to $60 billion by 2010. “Consumers are increasingly turning to mobile applications, IPTV and other Web-enabled channels for engaging, interactive content,” said Leo Brunnick senior vice president of Products and Marketing at Vignette. “Unlike static Web pages, multimedia content can positively impact a company’s brand image and give that organization an avenue to establish more personal connections with their customers.” We're not so sure that static Web pages are now suddenly unable to impact a company's brand, but multimedia is certainly all the rage and with some good reason. Learning to manage, deliver and measure it across platforms and devices is a nut no doubt worth cracking.