Skinning Tutorial for DotNetNuke
If you are one of those developers who likes both Microsoft and open source, then you are probably already familiar with the DotNetNuke application framework. If you are then Packt Publishing has just released a book you might be interested in called DotNetNuke Skinning Tutorial.

DotNet Who?

Remember Microsoft's IBuySpy Portal (IBS) released back in 2002? It was one those free starter kits designed to show how easily it was to build ASP.Net applications. Well DotNetNuke is the result of that starter kit. Greatly expanded and redesigned over the years, it is an open source web application framework written in VB.Net for the ASP.Net framework. Develop websites, intranets, publishing portals and web-based applications. DotNetNuke is licensed as open source software under a SD agreement. It has a community of over 440,000 users.

About DotNetNuke Skinning Tutorial

The DotNetNuke Skinning Tutorial book is written by Darren Neese and it's for designers and web developers who want to learn about creating skins for DotNetNuke. Which means it's about designing the look and feel of applications. DotNetNuke has a skinning architecture which is basically a separation of design and content (standard these days). This book provides step-by-step instructions to create skins including learning: * The basics * Page design and layout for your skin * Implementing styles in your skin * Configuring and customizing the skin objects * Managing graphics for your skin to change the look * Packaging and deploying your skin This is a beginner's book, so if you already have a lot of experience it's probably not a book for you. It also assumes you know something about the DotNetNuke framework. You can learn more about the framework on their site or get the book and starting skinning!