The latest release of EllisLab's commercial open source publishing system, ExpressionEngine 2.3, includes new user-requested features and security improvements -- including more than 70 bug fixes.

The latest ExpressionEngine delivers new Member Search Tokens and a frequently requested feature that allows Pagination Links customization. Users will see a new I.D. column, which provides the ability to search and filter members by I.D., username, screen name and email. Videos on the company blog highlight these newly added features. Version 2.3 is the first ExpressionEngine update since CEO Leslie Camancho promised a longer, more predictable release schedule back in September.

Focus on Stability and Security

In this latest ExpressionEngine release, the focus was on stability and security. More than 70 bugs were squashed in the Publish page, and v2.3 is the first release with an improved testing protocol. Three security-related issues, including a potential cross-site scripting vulnerability, were fixed, so users are encouraged to update to the newest release.

User guide improvements were also a big focus in release 2.3. The "Getting Started" documentation was overhauled, outdated pages were removed and users comments were integrated into the guide. Chief Creative Officer James Mathias freshened up the design of the guide, which included revamping the Table of Contents and improving internal navigation.

The 2.2 release back in June included file manager and comment control panel improvements as well as the new SafeCracker module, which allows users to add and edit entries from outside the control panel using a stand-alone entry form.

Commercial Meets Open

Built on EllisLab's CodeIgniter PHP framework, ExpressionEngine's codebase is open and extensible. ExpressionEngine requires PHP version 5.1.6 or newer, MySQL version 4.1 or newer, and 16MB memory allocated to PHP. The commercial, open source publishing system offers three pricing rates -- freelancer, non-commercial and commercial -- which all include professional tech support.

The ExpressionEngine CodeIgniter Conference will be held next week, October 19-21, in Brooklyn, New York, and tickets are still available. Talks at the event will cover environments and version control, add-on development, and how to use CodeIgniter. In February, there will also be a two-day CodeIgniter-specific event, CICON, held in London.