Web Content Management and Customer Relationship Management go hand-in-hand. At the least they are complementary. So says ADXSTUDIO. Their latest release of ADXSTUDIO xRM Extensions v2.1 includes a complete web content management system for Microsoft Dynamics CRM.

Canadian Made Web CMS

ADXSTUDIO is a Microsoft Gold Certified Partner. Founded in Canada in 1998, the company provides web content management solutions built on the Micrsoft.NET framework. 

Their flagship solution is the ADXSTUDIO CMS, a Web CMS that currently supports Microsoft.NET 3.5 and provides all the required standard content management functionality for any organization, and then some extras.

In addition to their CMS, they also have a series of extensions for Microsoft Dynamics CRM. Which leads us to their latest extension.

Content Management for CRM

The ADXSTUDIO xRM Extensions is a list of extensions for Microsoft Dynamics CRM. Available extensions include Event Management, Membership Management, Profile Management, Customer Service Management, Shopping Cart, Forums and the latest: Web Content Management.


ADXSTUDIO xRM Content Publishing

Using Dynamics Data to Power your Website

If you want to take advantage of all that data you are collecting on your customers, here's one way. Using tools that you are already familiar with if you use Dynamics, the CRM web client or the CRM Client for Outlook, you can publish content to Dynamics and to your own website.

There is a wide list of capabilities with the content management extension including:

  • Custom Workflows
  • Custom Reporting
  • Tagging
  • Caching
  • Custom URLs
  • Offline and Online Publishing, Scheduled Publishing

Built on an extensible framework, you have the ability to create and support multiple websites within a single CRM instance. In addition, the extension can be hosted within Windows Azure if you prefer a cloud based service.


ADXSTUDIO Content Publishing - Adding a Page

Security is controlled by Dynamic's security model, down to individual business units. Pages created within a business unit pick up the permissions for that business unit automatically. So you don't have to deal with two different security schemes.

Full Access or Read Only

You purchase the xRM Extensions as a group. Licensing can be subscription based or on a perpetual basis. There are two types of licenses: Full Use, which is both read and write access to Dynamics data, and Read-Only, which is read only access to Dynamics data. You have to have at least one Full Use license before you can purchase Read Only licenses.

The Extensions are built on Microsoft.NET 3.5 as well and require Dynamics 4.0.

If these extensions interest you, you can download a free trial -- completely functional. If you aren't quite ready for a trial, there are several demonstration videos available to show you how to use some of the extensions.

If you do use Microsoft Dynamics extensively, these extensions are very useful and reasonable priced to add additional functionality.