Packt Publishing TYPO3 Extension Development Book
TYPO3 Extension Development by Dmitry Dulepov, a TYPO3 core developer, is a recent book from Packt Publishing. It is aimed towards those looking to get their hands dirty with -- unsurprisingly -- TYPO3 extension development. The book takes its readers from the beginning process of planning a TYPO3 extension to writing the documentation that will allow others to better understand the developer's hard work. The book won't make anyone an award-winning TYPO3 extension developer overnight, but it can help provide a solid foundation to build upon.TYPO3 is a PHP-based, open source Web content management system that can hold its own. But this CMS can be pushed to the limits with extensions. Through the use of TYPO3 extensions, users are building additional functionality for their Web sites, such as blogs, e-commerce and social networks applications, catalogs, calendars and more -- this simply wouldn't be a realistic use for TYPO3 without the all important extensions. Those familiar with other content management systems can probably relate to how much of a difference a few extensions (a.k.a modules, plugins) can make. Admittedly, creating an extension is not the easiest thing in the world to accomplish, but TYPO3 Extension Development hopes to help make the task a bit easier. The book heavily focuses on the following topics to get users started in developing TYPO3 extensions: * Mastering the TYPO3 API * Understanding the classes and functions of the API * Learning about extension categories and file structures * Understanding the development process for an extension * Selecting the correct TYPO3 database and form types * Creating front-end plugins * Responding to events by using AJAX and eID scripts * Programming back-end modules * Uploading extensions to TYPO3's extension repository * Writing documentation for the extension Those feeling so inclined to take a stab at TYPO3 extension development should consider this book as a companion guide to creating and maintaining code that will help keep the TYPO3 platform fresh and extendable long into the future. TYPO3 Extension Development can be purchased from Packt Publishing's Web site for $US 40.49. Additionally, an e-Book version is also available for $US 30.59. Alternatively (and/or in addition), there's always with massive amounts of documentation and the extension repository created by the TYPO3 community. There's even a separate section on extension manuals that aims to follow all available extensions in the extension repository.