Site Monetization and Publishing are a Snap with DevHub
Free web-based publishing platforms are nothing new. WordPress, TypePad, Blogger and others all fall into this category. But, DevHub has taken free site hosting and publishing to another level with the use of a large aggregated network of affiliates and content providers and an integrated API.

DevHub, part of EVO Media Group, launched a public beta offering a solution for producing and publishing monetized sites for free. Add this to an easy-to-navigate admin interface and the ability to manage an unlimited amount of sites and DevHub may just be the answer for those looking to create consistent revenue streams via web publishing.

DevHub makes site monetization easy
DevHub Editing Interface


DevHub Monetized Website Publishing Features

Aside from the obvious benefits of being able to easily monetize your new site, DevHub offers a long list of other features to enhance the platform and thereby your experience and site. While not a traditional blog platform or Content Management platform, DevHub does offer some interesting features that really make it easy to launch a monetized site quickly, all you need is a domain name.

  • Site Creation – Site creation is simple and fast with DevHub’s rich editor featuring drag-and-drop and easy page creation. Customization is limited for overall design and layout, but the ability to add custom headers helps.
  • Unlimited Sites - Publish an unlimited number of sites.
  • Aggregated Content Using Keywords– Publishing with DevHub comes in the form of publishing sites. The content for those sites comes from an aggregation of RSS feeds, news feeds, videos, photos, podcasts, job listings and more. The content is pulled from the web using keywords which can be set for each module individually as well as an overall site keyword.
  • API and Integrated Tools – New partnerships are being developed regularly with the use of DevHub’s API to provide content and monetization which can be customized easily using the integrated tools of the platform.
  • Some Ad Control – While DevHub and their partners supply many of the ads on the sites, you do have the ability to place some of your own ads.
  • Reporting – Track traffic and revenue easily from within DevHub’s interface.

Website publishing from DevHub
DevHub Reporting Interface

What all of this amounts to is a platform for creating affiliate and ad driven websites that do not require constant content creation. You are free to focus on revenue generation rather than creating content. Building a network of media supported sites is easier than ever.

The "Unlimited Site" Catch

As stated previously you are able to publish as many sites as you want, but at each interval of 10 sites the company requires a review process before allowing more sites to be created. No information could be found as to exactly what this evaluation involves.

It's possible that DevHub also generates some revenue from at least a portion of the ads on your site and wants to ensure that your sites are producing before continuing further.

DevHub is basically a homogenization of services like Squidoo and HubPages and affiliate networks. But by offering quality content and relevant ads from a network of over 35 partners, they hope to change the idea of the affiliate website.

With over 55,000 sites built during their extensive private bets, DevHub may just be the next big thing in site monetization and publishing.