Taking a SaaSy Web Content Management System to the Corporate World

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Taking a SaaSy Web Content Management System to the Corporate World
Probably best known for implementing their SaaS-based web content management system for media publishers, today Clickability offers a new solution that takes them further into the corporate world. Clickability Corporate Solutions is designed not only to provide publishing solutions that work for the marketing department, but that integrate the back office systems providing a website that much more than just a pretty face.


Clickability Offers Specialized Solutions

With a demand for web content management high and the number of WCM providers just as high, it has become a necessity to provide specialized solutions to set a vendor apart from the rest. That is what Clickability is doing.

Aside from being one of only a few SaaS-based web content management providers (a number that is sure to increase over the next few years), Clickability is coming out with specialized solutions to serve specific niches.

The first of these was the Clickability Media Solution -- a consolidation of features, functionality and partnerships in the media space, tailored to the needs of the publishing industry and designed to make publishing even easier. This solution focused on the multi-channel, multi-device delivery on content.

A Solution for Corporate Customers

The latest offering from Clickability comes as a corporate solution and is built upon the success they have had with enterprise-level media companies. The Corporate Solution offers a number of features and capabilities that enable enterprises to use their websites to develop, nurture and grow their business.

Clickability states that their solutions for High Tech, Financial Services and Government businesses  come at a savings of more than one third to one half the price of an in-house solution. With the reductions in IT staff that are certainly happening as enterprises struggle to keep afloat in this turbulent period, a SaaS based solution may be just what is required.


Clickability Web Content Management

The Corporate Solution has been designed to reduce the search to sale cycle and contains several key capabilities:

Mobile Device Delivery

The ability to publish content out to more than just the website is a key capability of Clickability's solution. In addition to publishing content for display on the Kindle (something they found out was happening when they announced their Media Solution), content is now available for other browser-enabled mobile devices such as smartphones, mobile phones, PDAs and e-books.

In addition to publishing content to a mobile device, you can also send content back to the enterprise from these devices. For example:

  • Content can be reviewed and approved from your Blackberry
  • User generated content can be submitted from a mobile device
  • Content Administration can occur on a mobile device (eg. the creation of content)

A complete audit trail is maintained for content managed from a mobile device and archiving and compliance issues are also taken care of.

First available is publishing to the Blackberry -- currently the most used mobile device in enterprises today. And coming in Quarter 2 is publishing to/from the iPhone.

Global Brand Management

Clickability supports publishing in many different languages including Left to Right languages.

Learning Opportunities


Clickability Global Brand Management

There are a number of features within the Clickability platform to support localization and translations, including triggers that alert translators to know that something has changed and a version compare feature that let translators know what has changed in the original content.

Backoffice Integration

It's the backoffice integration that provides a great deal of value to the corporate customer. The ability to integrate content and information into their SaaS enabled websites from applications and systems within the enterprise such as CRM systems and other marketing applications help enterprises use their websites for more than simply brochureware.


Clickability Corporate Solution - Enterprise Application Integration

An updated API/SDK and a set of web services enable enterprises to integrate a number of internal applications as well as third party solutions to build a web experience that is truly valuable to customers.

Enabling the Enterprise

In an interview with Robert Carrol, VP of Marketing and Joyce Thompson, Senior Product Manager,  it was clear that Clickability is targeting enterprise level customers and not SMB. With new capabilities to integrate backoffice applications, enterprise websites become more about services and less about being just a pretty face for them.

Clickability also clearly understands, as most do, that the days of one laptop/desk per employee are over and mobile solutions are now the necessity, not the nice to have.

You can get more information on Clickability and its specialized solutions from their website.