CompleteSharePoint.Net Supported on SharePoint 2010
It's good to know that as we inch ever closer to SharePoint 2010 many developers and vendors are heeding Microsoft's advice and checking to confirm that their SharePoint implementations will indeed still run when they migrate to SharePoint 2010.

Tommy Segoro, creator of CompleteSharePoint.Net the web content management solution that runs on top of WSS3.0, is one of those preparing for SharePoint 2010.

CompleteSharePoint.Net is a WCM that contains much of the same functionality as that found in MOSS itself. It just works without MOSS. Currently at version 2.0, Segoro was interested to know if the Web CMS was going to work on the next version of SharePoint.

So he ran the preupgradecheck feature that came with Service Pack 2 for SharePoint and here's what he found:


CompleteSharePoint.Net PreUpgradeCheck

One happy solution provider down. How many more to go?