WordPress 2.7: From Blog Platform to Web CMS

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WordPress 2.7 New Features
Now on their third beta release, the WordPress team is promising big things with version 2.7. After completing the first round of bug fixes from the beta 1 and beta 2 releases, the WordPress team is making sure that the full public release is a quality release with minimal issues.The below video is a great segway into the changes being made to the WordPress core framework in preparation for the 2.7 release to the public. Illustrating many of the changes to the interface and the Dashboard set up, this video claims, “This time, it’s personal.”

New Features of WordPress 2.7 In-Depth

Boasting a whole list of new features that go way beyond just the Dashboard and UI, this “Makeover” edition of WordPress promises to be bigger and better than any version before, proving they are no longer just a blog platform.

The Dashboard

* Drag and shuffle feature – Organize your Dashboard the way you want it* Collapsible vertical menus – Gets the stuff you aren’t using out of your way* One-click comment administration from the Dashboard – Means less time moderating* Increased flexibility for developing Dashboard widgets – Mean more cool stuff for your Dashboard* Drop-down screen options menu – Select items to show on your Dashboard* Quickpress – Publish short posts right from your Dashboard
WordPress 2.7 New features

Comment Moderation from the Dashboard

WordPress 2.7 New features

Drop-down Screen Settings Menu

WordPress 2.7 New features

Quickpress Editor

More New Features of 2.7

* Plugin Uninstaller – Plugins uninstall themselves when they are deleted now. No more having uninstall and then delete.* Plugin Installer - Install your new plugins right from the WordPress admin interface. No more having to upload them with an FTP client.* WordPress Upgrader - Now you can upgrade your WordPress install automatically without the need of a plugin.* Quick Edit - Edit author, post title, tags, timestamp, etc. from your Manage page in the admin UI.* Comment Reply – Reply to comments from within the admin UI.* Threaded Comments and Comment Paging – No more enormously long pages of comments.* Sticky Posts – Keep your important posts at the top where they belong.

And That’s Not All

This is just a partial list of changes being made to the WordPress core code. Check here for a full list of changes to WordPress.Now in their 3rd beta session with WordPress 2.7, the once “blogging platform” is branching out into a full-fledged web CMS…surpassing the micro-CMS moniker as well. With the public clamoring for many of these changes and the WordPress team doing their best to ensure that not only are all of the needs met, but that they work properly upon release (there’s nothing worse than a highly publicized release that is full of bugs), it may be a while before we see WordPress 2.7 Stable.But don’t fret…get involved with the WordPress 2.7 beta 3 testing and give your voice to what may become one of the more powerful open source PHP based CMS solutions.