This week WordPress reached one million mobile users. Depending on your point of view, you can say that it took them only two years to do this or that it took them two whole years to reach a million.

Mobile blogging and mobile CMS are growing rapidly. No matter how we put it, 1 million mobile users of a Web CMS is a pretty serious figure. Now it is not only Twitter and Facebook that we use from our mobiles but we can also upload content to a Web CMS and do many administrative tasks.

Mobile Blogging On the Rise

Mobile applications are taking the world by storm thanks to the availability of mobile Internet and the advancements in mobile technology. The technical abilities of mobile devices get more and more sophisticated and actually even low-end devices are powerful enough to run various applications on them. This, coupled with the falling prices of these devices made mobile technology affordable. When such a huge (and lucrative) market is available, vendors are soon to come.

iPhone, Blackberry, Nokia and recently Android devices are all supported platforms for mobile WordPress. These devices are smart and even though they don't offer the functionality of a desktop computer, they are fit enough to use for adding or editing content, managing multiple sites, taking pictures/videos and uploading them, moderating comments, etc. In fact, these devices have all the functionality you need to maintain your blog.

WordPress Leads the Mobile Crowd

The mobile application by Automattic (news, site) -- the company behind WordPress -- isn't the first mobile blogging application. In fact, when the first mobile application for WordPress was launched about two years ago, TypePad already had their mobile application and WordPress had to catch up with the popularity of TypePad. However, thanks to the popularity of WordPress and the fact that their application is available on most major mobile platforms, the number of the mobile users of WordPress grew steadily.

1 million mobile users might not look that impressive, especially when we don't know if this is unique users or just the number of times the application has been downloaded (which is different from uniques), but still it is a landmark and this is why it is worth noting. In the years to come it might turn out that millions of new users are added monthly or weekly but for now it is an achievement worth mentioning.

The number of mobile WordPress users will certainly rise in the future. There are still platforms, such as WebOS and Windows Phone 7 for which there isn't a mobile WordPress application yet and this is one more segment of the market to conquer. So shall we expect to hear the news that WordPress reached its first billion or are our expectations unrealistic?