99designs Crowdsources with Designers
Are you a designer looking for clients? Or are you looking for a designer but don't know where to begin? Meet 99designs. 

99designs, one of the largest design competition marketplaces, has a platform that allows graphic designers and their clients to crowdsource. Lucky for you, they will be demonstrating the platform at the San Francisco New Tech Meetup, one of San Francisco's largest and longest running technology event and community group.

Crowdsourcing Graphic Design? Say what?

By connecting clients who need custom design work with an engaged community of over 28,000 designers, 99designs aims to play matchmaker while enabling SMBs, start ups and other organizations to "create a level playing field for designers to showcase their work and win new clients."

So far the site has awarded over US$ 4 million to designers. More than 50 new design projects are launched every day with custom designs uploaded to the site every 20 seconds.

How Does it Work?

Clients hold design contests that allow designers to compete to create the best possible design to meet their needs. By simply outlining your creative needs, from logo to website and spelling out your budget (called prizes), users can browse through submitted design concepts, rate them and provide feedback to help the designers deliver what you want. By the end of the week long contest, clients choose their winning design.

There are community guidelines that users are asked to follow, like respecting other people's intellectual property and clear communication, as well as contest holder and designer guidelines, that outline copyright issues and payments.


If so, be sure to mark March 11 on your calendars. The SF New Teach Meetup brings together venture capitalists, hackers, designers, techies and others who help support their efforts to sample new technology.

Of course you have to be in San Francisco to be benefit.

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