Gilbane Report on Multilingual Communications for Enterprises
Gilbane has released a report that any organization catering to the global community needs to have a look at. It's entitled Multilingual Communications as a Business Imperative: Why Companies Need to Optimize the Global Content Value Chain -- don't be swayed by the less-than-captivating and very long title. It's chock full of qualitative research on how global businesses are creating, managing and publishing multilingual content. The short answer is that they're not. Ninety-two percent of respondents, including 40 content and localization/translation management practitioners in multinational organizations, are concerned about the risks of not improving content globalization processes, despite the fact that many companies expect growth from multinational revenue. The report tackles global content management as more and more companies struggle with producing multilingual content "as appropriate for targeted global trade and business expansion." No longer is translating enough; companies must demonstrate their commitment by showing that they understand the "importance of assessing and addressing cultural expectations in localization/translation processes for specific countries."By identifying the key challenges, as well as the gaps between strategic business goals and investments in multilingual communications, difficulties in balancing centralized and regional operations, and lack of integration and interoperability across authoring, content management and publishing components, the study exposes how industry leaders may or may not be addressing these challenges. As the global marketplace becomes much more prevalent, relevant and reliable among business, more global product strategies are becoming more necessary, if not required, so that companies embrace and implement best practices. A must read for any company. Download it online at