Intranet Innovation Awards Logo
One could argue that the usefulness and importance of an organization's intranet is a key indicator of said organization's health as a company. In other words, successful and progressive companies understand that an intranet is a vital tool for the daily productivity of the workforce. Struggling and backward-thinking companies see an intranet as a nice-to-have but with no real strategic value. In an effort to recognize the companies that understand the competitive advantage that can be gained from a thriving corporate intranet, Australia-based intranet experts Step Two Designs are happy to announce the recipients of the 2007 Intranet Innovation Awards. A global competition, the awards are intended to highlight specific intranet improvements and not intranets as a whole. The managing director of Step Two Designs, James Robertson, describes the awards like this:
“While almost every organisation has an intranet, it is often gets little visibility. This is about bringing the true value of these sites into the light”
The 2007 winners include: * Fiat - Platinum Award Winner, for its "Avanti e Veloci" web portal ("Fast and Forward") * QBE - Gold Award Winner, for the online "Investigator Wizard" * Perkins Eastman - for the creation of "Practice Area Communities" * The City of Casey in Australia and SunGard AvantGard - for enhancements to the intranet staple: the Phone Directory * The Environment Agency in the UK - for the development of a new set of staff personas * Nycomed - for bringing product information from across a global enterprise into a single location If you are proud of your company's intranet and want to be in the running for the 2008 awards, entries can be submitted beginning in March. For more information, please visit the online home of our friends at Step Two Designs.