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Speaking of designer's guide for research, there are many ways to learn more about how to create your Web site so that it not only looks nice, but serves the needs of those that use it. As your plan your summer calendar for professional (or personal) development, consider Human Factors International's How to Design for Persuasion, Emotion, and Trust (PET) 3-day course.This course, scheduled for July 22-24 in Baltimore, MD, aims at providing attendees with the information essential to transitioning from being a "classical usability engineer" to becoming a complete user experience designer. No longer enough to design just for efficiency (hard to believe that some people do!), now user experience experts must also consider how users engage in their site (think length of page views and clickthroughs). How to Design for Persuasion, Emotion, and Trust will teach you to: * Create designs that motivate specific actions* Increase customer conversion, loyalty and adoption* Understand motivations and emotional triggers * Appeal to the rational and emotional aspects of decision-making* Test and measure the emotional impact and credibility of your website If you were to name three critical factors involved in creating a successful online experience, persuasion, emotion and trust would most likely top the list. With a growing reliance on providing multi-media channels, engaging customer experience is more important than ever. Similar to developing a strategy for your design to be seen as more valid and less arbitrary, this course will help you to develop persuasive strategies and implement research-based methods throughout the design process to make your website more trustworthy and convincing. Calling all usability and user experience professionals, marketing professionals, graphic and visual designers, Web and application designers, mobile and wireless interaction designers, and product designers -- Register Today!

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